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Will somebody please explain the point behind Tublr to me?

I don’t get it, as far as I can see it is simply a big, huge mash-up of all the big sites put slopily into one. So far I see MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, FormSpring, and photobucket all mixed into one.

Don’t get me wrong, I will probably become addicted to this site, too! So I am not putting it at dismay. I just do not understand the point!

So far all I see are people posting random images that they found online of people that they don’t even know nor have even heard of to somehow express emotion? Not sure how that works.

Here is a beautiful idea-

Go take those photos yourself. Have some fun with you life and realize the beauty all around you. Maybe invest in a film camera (that’s what I did and will be posting soon, I’m sure) and get creative. Put some heart into it and then it will truly be expressive.

That said, could somebody pretty please elaborate the point of this for me?!

Thank you!

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taylorawr said: You clicked "answer privately" it's okay to hit publish xD publish makes everyone see it. (:

so answer privately is obviously “private” so only you and I can see but publish is like a comment type deal? I have to relate everything to other websites to understand it xD


Soo uhm.

Taylor’s awesome. muwahah (:<

even though I’m ignoring her -_-

(I think Bryan fell asleeep D: )

Anywho.. I’m awesome.